“A Unique Model For Personalized Tours Of Rural Life In Japan”

At Sato Home & Tour, our vision is to share everyday traditional Japanese life with international visitors. We believe that local communities are the ideal environment as they provide natural intimacy for more personal connections and memorable experiences.

Fortunately, our home of Shiga provides a wealth of such local culture, remaining true to Japan’s agricultural roots and simple lifestyle, while also conveniently located just north of Kyoto for easy accessibility.

Our service centers around a network of local craftspeople, artists, community groups, and more, all helping us build personalized tours at the local level in relaxed intimate settings. These communities often have limited foreign language or international marketing experience, so our goal and  challenge is to help visitors connect with the cultural attractions and traditional events of our region.

We hope that the focus on personal connections and experiences will appeal to travelers, but we also see it as a way to improve our local community. For example, we provide a way for the older and less tech-savvy community members to share their valued skills and knowledge of traditional culture with those who are eager to learn. We hope this brings memorable experiences to our guests, and also strengthens and preserves our local crafts, traditions, and community spirit.

Fine kaiseki dining at the amazing old Takeheiro restaurant
Rice planting with local farmers
Traditional dance lesson
Calligraphy workshop

About Our Business

Meet our founder, Akiko Sakaguchi.

I’m a mother of two sons. 15 years ago, I started a staffing service company with the concept of “Third place”. Our professional service takes pride in “omotenashi,” the Japanese way of hospitality.

What’s the purpose of your travel? We’ll make the ideal plan, best suited for your purpose. Do you want healing and relaxation? Or do you want to experience deep local Japanese culture?

We can accommodate any request. We will be happy to make perfect plan for your needs and interests.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any question you’d like to ask.
We are waiting to hear from you!

Sato Home & Tour was founded in pursuit of Sakaguchi-san’s vision to connect tourists and visitors with our local community and traditional rural life in Japan. She relies on a small team of skilled staff and tour planners to work closely with each of our customers to plan activities for a uniquely memorable experience. Since opening in 2015, our website has provided the central platform for customers to browse our network of tour activities, ask questions, and book custom tours.

We’re based in central Shiga Prefecture’s Yokaichi City, less than an hour north of Kyoto. Our region offers the perfect detour for a relaxing change of pace from the traditional tourist stops. We look forward to seeing you here!


 Shiga is conveniently located in central Japan, just east of Kyoto and home to Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa. We’re awaiting your arrival!