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Local Japanese Farming Activity

Experience Japanese agriculture first-hand! Discover what daily life and work are like for Japan's local farmers. Green thumbs will have a great introduction to planting and harvesting, while seasoned farmers can get a hands-on look at...



Camping in Japan? Shiga is a popular camping area because of the abundant nature around Japan’s largest lake and the surrounding mountains. We arrange camping trips at two camping locations in Shiga: National Park Resort...


Char Fishing

Enjoy the abundance of nature in Shiga by mountain stream fishing or fly fishing for “iwana,” or char fish! This particular fish is also called “valley spirit” or “legendary fish.” After fishing, you can also enjoy your...


Japan’s Slowest Traditional Boat Ride

A relaxing and refreshing way to take in the scenic surrounding nature from magnificent mountains and trees to the rustling reeds and still waters where the river meets the expansive lake. As you make your way down the river on a...


Lake Biwa Cycling

A bicycle provides a great way to explore at your own pace and tale in the picturesque scenery around Omihaciman from the smaller inner lakes to the shore of Lake Biwa....

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