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Okamura Honke Sake Brewery

For over 150 years, this brewery has produced high quality sake while protecting authentic sake-making techniques and traditions. Here, you will be able to look around the brewery and of course, enjoy sake tasting!...

artisanal craft

Historical Toyosato Elementary School

Toyosato Elementary School was established in 1937 by the large donation of Tetsujirō Furukawa, who was born and grew in this area and later became a famous entrepreneur of Japan. The buildings were designed and built by the American...

historic sites

Azuchi Castle Ruins

The castle of Oda Nobunaga, the powerful Sengoku Period daimyo lord, is now a designated national historic site. Built over 3 years from 1576, this castle is also known as the first castle with the elaborated Tenshu (main keep)....

historic sites
Kotosanzan Temples, Shiga

Eigen-ji Temple and Surrounding Nature

Eigen-ji is one of the more famous among Shiga Prefecture’s many great Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Stroll around the temple’s halls and gardens. A perfect environment for peaceful meditation and quiet reflection to...

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Vories Memorial Hall

This memorial hall was once the residence of William Merrell Vories, an American missionary who later worked as a famous architect in post-war Japan. This hall preserves his life and work in Japan. His strong devotion, both to his...

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Giant Kite Museum

All kinds of local regional kites including one of Japan’s largest hundred-tatami size giant kites, and miniature models of past giant kites are are exhibited along with their histories. Over 500 kites from other parts of Japan are...

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